LGBTour of Amsterdam

Sanne Pols – LHBTour. A rainwbow stroll through the gay heart of Amsterdam.
Want to experience Amsterdam from a historic and gay perspective? Come and join the LGBTour; a walk with me through the old and gay heart of Amsterdam.
I’m a storyteller, and I would love to show you my city and tell you personal & historic stories, fun & facts, about historic and LGBTQ Amsterdam.
I’m going to show you my favorite shops, spots, restaurants and—of course—gay bars, from the old and dirty to the fresh and glittery.
You can ask me anything, and I will take you on a trip down memory lane with some scenes of my personal life that took place in the pink heart of my city.

You can buy your LGBTour TICKETS here.
Please feel very welcome—the rainbow is for everyone!